2016: The Year You Achieve

Is it just me or does every passing year feel like it moves quicker than the last? None the less, 2015 was a wonderful year for our family. We finished up renovations on our house, brought home Olive, our Bernese Mountain pup, visited some really cool places, and moved to a home that made so many of our dreams come true. This has been a big year for me individually, as well. From my physical transformation, grew something even greater. I rediscovered a piece of myself that is creative and confident. It inspired me to give life to Snickled Pink and embark on an exciting new adventure, which I will share very soon with all of you! I am incredibly thankful for all that this year offered me and my family.

As we look forward to 2016, talk of “resolution” is inevitable. In years past, I’ve woken up on New Year’s Day and pulled a resolution out of thin air. Lose weight? Sure, that sounds nice. I’ll do that! Be more organized? Great idea! I may as well have had a resolution dart board at which I’d blindly threw a sharp object. After really seeing myself for the first time in a long time and recognizing my potential, I’ve decided to be thoughtful and strategic with this year’s resolutions. Like many, I have great intentions. However, there’s no denying that keeping our resolutions can be difficult. Heck, health.com says that 75% of us last a week, while only 46% are still on track come June. If you’re as determined to succeed as I am, take these five tips to heart and kick butt in 2016!

Set a Specific Goal

Many times our resolution is to “get fit” or “lose weight”. The problem is that those are really open-ended goals, so it can be hard to track our success or lack there of. How fit do you want to be? Do you want to be able to run a race? Then make your goal to run a marathon. How much weight do you want to lose? Enough to fit into a certain pair of pants or is there an exact weight that you’d like to be? Be specific and identify what you really want.

Devise a Plan

As much as I wish it were the case, simply wanting to achieve doesn’t guarantee that you will. You need a plan. Sit down and figure out what the necessary steps are to reach your goal. Again, be specific. If food is a part of your journey, plan your meals. If your goal is fitness related, find a program that you can follow. Equip yourself with every tool you can to succeed.

Use the Buddy System

There’s a reason that the buddy system got us through Kindergarten. Let’s go back to the basics on this one. Find a friend who has a resolution too and hold each other accountable. Better yet, find a friend whose goals parallel your own. I have a half marathon on my resolution list. My best friend has a triathlon on hers. You better believe that I’ll be calling her up to share a run!

Be Reasonable

The worst thing that you can do is choose a goal that is unrealistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure from the beginning. If you’ve never run before, don’t set out to tackle a marathon. Start with a 10k. If you’re taking on a major life change, don’t tack on five more goals. Too much at once will make it harder to succeed at just one. Once you achieve the first goal, set another. There’s no rule that says you must make all of your resolutions on January 1st and then wait until the next year to establish another.

Choose a Resolution Reminder

When I did my 90 Day Challenge, I wore the wristband that was required for the before and after photos every single day. Whenever I felt tempted to be lazy or quit, I’d look down at that orange band and remember what I had set out to do. Pick something that you can have with you at all times to remind yourself why you’re doing this. I braided three pieces of thread into a tiny bracelet that I will wear all year. It cost me $3 and somehow means everything that I need it to.  

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