When Things Are Not What They Seem (They’re Way Better!)

I kicked off 2016 with some pretty big goals. Between growing my blog and our business, I was giving 200% during the day and totally kicking butt! My husband was incredibly proud, but also a bit concerned. I’ve always been one to call it a night pretty early, but getting home from work and falling asleep immediately was not my typical M.O. I knew that I was okay, just completely drained at the end of a long day.  What started out as an awesome feeling of accomplishment soon turned to constant exhaustion and eventual sickness. I had a bug that my body wasn’t fighting. I didn’t have the energy to work out, meal prep, or do anything that I typically did. I even missed my good friend’s 30th birthday party. When I tell you that I wasn’t myself, I mean it. I wasn’t myself.

I woke up one Saturday morning in early February realizing that something felt off. It was that morning that I took a pregnancy test and was quite surprised to find a positive result! Mind you, part of the plan for 2016 was to try to have a baby, but the doctor had warned me that it takes the average couple eight months to conceive. We’d had friends and family who really struggled with getting pregnant so we certainly didn’t think it would happen so quickly! Yet here it was, clear as those two bright pink lines, our little miracle was on its way.

I had a tough first trimester. They sure don’t tell you about all of the things that are going to happen early on. I’ve “yelled” at some of my mommy friends who never warned me, but they all sort of said the same thing. “You kind of forget it all happened once the baby is here.” I can see that. We are already so in love with this little peanut. The great news is that after several checkups, Baby B is healthy and looking great, which is all we could ever ask for.

A couple of weeks into the second trimester, I’m feeling more like my old self. My energy is finally returning! I find myself doing random squats at the office just because I can. And so, after a brief hiatus, I’m back! Obviously, my blog will be changing just a bit, as my life is changing a lot! I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me as I refocus my efforts toward health, fitness, style, and preparations for baby! Even if you’re not expecting, I’m confident you’ll find something here that you can take with you on your journey toward self-improvement.

6 thoughts on “When Things Are Not What They Seem (They’re Way Better!)

  1. Congrats!! How exciting!! Mt husband and I are having a honeymoon baby, so I am so with you on the surprise aspect and feeling off yet not knowing what it was. My first trimester sucked majorly too, but the second was way better and I am so glad to hear yours is as well. I found that ginger candies or ginger root steeped in hot water was super helpful. And lots of water! Weird how it can affect you. Enjoy the second trimester! The third comes with some exhaustion 🙂 But it’s all worth it, of course.

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